Some useful websites

There are so many good and informative websites out there that it's hard to choose among them.  Many of the links listed below will be of interest to pregnant women and families everywhere.   There are also many links with information specifically for residents of British Columbia, Canada, and even more specifically to the Fraser Valley area.

Remember to read all information on 'popular' websites critically!  

One of the best websites for researched, evidence-based information is:

Baby's Best Chance, a downloadable PDF booklet containing all the information you need for your pregnancy, birth and baby:

A good B.C. government website with a new (August 2013) section on Pregnancy and Parenting:

Another good website by the Fraser Health Authority, with information on everything to do with pregnancy, labour, birth, baby, breastfeeding:

If you would like to know more about fertility and the decision about whether to have a baby now, or later, or never, check out the new UBC website:  

There are lots of great videos of births - home births,water births, Caesarean sections - and a few of other aspects of pregnancy and baby care.  Here are a few fun and interesting ones:

How your baby grows and develops, from egg and sperm to newborn in your arms, all in six minutes! 

How babies move through their mother's birth canals - they are definitely active during labour!

Choices in Childbirth - a good all round site
Canadian Pediatric Society - 'caring for kids'
Lamaze International - another good all round site
Childbirth Connection - a good site with current research information
Maternity at Home - a good site with interesting and informative articles - 
Women's Health - has a section on pregnancy
Best Start - a site with information in French and English
World Health Organization - an international site with excellent information
iVillage Pregnancy and Parenting - lots of info here!
BC Womens Hosptial information on pregnancy
Maternity Wise, a British site with good information
Some of the most popular sites are also good sources of information, including:           

Health Link BC information on nutrition in pregnancy, breastfeeding and for babies and children
Canadian Dietitians - information for everyone
Canada Food Guide - for information about calcium, iron, folic acid, vitamins, etc.
A new (2012) guide from Health Canada on infant nutrition

Fit to Deliver
Yoga online

Here's a site that's all about sleep - and how you can get more of it: 

Nausea and vomiting ('morning sickness')
Mother Risk (Toronto Sick Kids Hospital) - excellent information, particularly on medications and on nausea and vomiting in pregnancy
Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada (SOGC) - for information on nausea and vomiting (and other aspects of pregnancy - check the index)

Genetic screening
BC Prenatal Genetic Screening Program - the screens and tests you will be offered in pregnancy
Canadian Down Syndrome Society

Prenatal education/classes in the Lower Mainland (B.C.C) Pregnancy and Childbirth - an American site with good information, well organized; includes everything you might want to know
Baby Centre - a British site with good information on a variety of subjects to do with labour and birth, mostly consistent with the Canadian system, although you will find some differences
BC Women's Cesarean Task Force - a site about childbirth choices in BC, including VBAC and vaginal birth with a breech baby.  Includes video clips of women talking about their birth experiences
Optimal Fetal Positioning - a site about how to make sure your baby's in a good position before labour  
Hypnobabies - a new approach to labour and birth, using self-hypnosis for relaxation

(women who provide individualized support in labour and postpartum)
DONA International - for information about doulas and to find a doula
BC doula organization

Water birth
Water birth international - comprehensive information on water birth
Water birth information - general information

Home birth
College of Midwives of BC - statement on home birth; the College is the licensing body for all B.C. midwives
BC Homebirth Demonstration Project - a review of safety and effectiveness
Homebirth - a British site with good basic information

Cesarean Section and Vaginal Birth After Cesarean Section (VBAC)
BC Women's Cesarean Task Force - a site about childbirth choices in BC, with video clips of women talking about their birth experiences
BC Perinatal Health Program - a 2008 report on C-sections and ways of promoting a natural labour; a very detailed report with facts and statistics about C-sections, why they are on the rise, and what can be done to reduce their numbers 
International Cesarean Awareness Network - for information about Cesarean section and VBAC
Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC)
Skin-to-Skin Care:

Depression and Anxiety (may occur in pregnancy or after the baby is born)
Bounce Back - an online program with videos and worksheets that you can access any time, for free! 
Pacific Postpartum Support - a local organization for support for postpartum depression
Anxiety - a great site

Canadian Pediatric Society - information on everything to do with babies and kids
Canadian Pediatric Society - 2015 guideline on eye medications for babies
World Health Organization
Dr. Sears - two pediatricians who give good information
Skin-to-Skin Care:
Baby Wearing International - safe ways to 'wear' your baby (slings etc.)
Under Cover Mother - safe ways to 'wear' your baby
Health Canada recommendations on infant nutrition - an excellent source of information on when and what to feed your baby!
Sleep - how to help your baby (and you) get more of it

Baby and Child Safety information  - covers all subjects from nutrition to crib and car seat safety - from BC Childrens Hospital; see in particular the home safety checklist, available in many languages - this is a site where you can search issues and questions by topic - ICBC site information on child car seat safety in several languages

Co-sleeping with your baby
- 30 years of research supporting co-sleeping and how to co-sleep safely with your baby    and

Jack Newman - absolutely the best site on breast feeding!
La Leche League International - another good all round site
Breastfeeding basics
Mass Breastfeeding - checklists and information
INFACT Canada - site about the benefits of breast feeding
Kelly Mom - breastfeeding and parenting
Breastfeeding online

Safety of drugs and medications in pregnancy and breast feeding:
Motherisk (Toronto Sick Kids Hospital) - one of the best sites (also a 1-800 number you can call)
Drug Alert - a good site from the USA    
Safe Fetus - a good but basic site
Drug information sites -     and  and

Women's College Hospital

Sexuality and contraception
Sexuality and U - an excellent Canadian site
Options for health

Information on specific diseases
Canadian Centre for Disease Control - excellent information on communicable diseases (measles, Fifth Disease) and  STDs

Midwives Association of BC (MABC) - directory of all midwives and practices in the province (find a midwife)
College of Midwives of BC  (CMBC) - regulations for BC midwives
BC Perinatal Health Providers  (BCPHP) - guidelines for all perinatal health providers
Canadian Association of Midwives - midwifery in Canada
UBC Midwifery Program - for those interested in becoming midwives
The Big Push - a site for and about midwifery
Midwifery Today - online magazine

Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada (SOGC)
Guidelines that all Canadian maternity care providers (nurses, doctors, midwives, obstetricians) are meant to follow when providing care for pregnant, birthing and post-partum women

BLOGS  Blogs on a variety of pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding issues by well-informed writers from organizations such as La Leche League and Lamaze  A research blog about healthy pregnancy, birth and beyond; good information by a qualified academic

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