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Registered Midwife Jules Atkins lives on the Sunshine Coast.  

She is now working on a part-time basis, providing locum
relief to midwives throughout the province of B.C.

Hello Baby! Midwifery Care updates its website regularly to provide current, evidence-based information.  All of the documents on this site can be downloaded and used without permission of the author.

If you are a past client of Hello Baby Midwi
fery Care (1999-2006) and need access to your records please contact Jules at jules.atkins@gmail.com.  
For clients of the Fraser Valley Maternity Group (2011-2015), please contact RM Bethany Nash at  begreen@gmail.com
For clients of South Delta Midwifery (2009-2010), please contact RM Jane Wines at  jane.winesrm@gmail.com
For clients of SunCoast Midwifery (2014-2018), please contact RM Lehe Spiegelman at elle.spiegelman@gmail.com  

Congratulations on your Pregnancy!

          and... Hello Baby!

This site is for people who are pregnant, or planning - or hoping! -  to get pregnant in the near future. 

It is dedicated to providing appropriate information on a range of topics of interest to pregnant couples and their families.

Thoughts on your journey...

Pregnancy is an exciting time, full of changes and challenges.  If this is your first pregnancy, you will be making a major life transition: becoming parents.  If it's your second, third, fourth or more pregnancy, you will be making the transition to being parents of a growing family and with increasingly complex family dynamics. 

Pregnancy is also a time when you will be making many important decisions - for you and your baby:
  •  which caregiver will you choose - midwife, doctor or a team approach including both midwives and doctors? 
  • how healthy is your diet?  is anything that you're eating or taking dangerous to your baby?
  •  will you do genetic screening, or not?
  •  will you keep working right up to the end of your pregnancy, and how soon will you go back afterwards?
  • would you like a 'natural birth,' or would you rather have an epidural as early as possible?
  • would you like to birth at home?
  • will you breastfeed your baby, and for how long?
  • what are you going to NAME your baby?!!  
While this site likely won't help much with baby names, I hope it provides useful information about all of the other questions - and more!

Best wishes for a healthy pregnancy and baby!

Jules Atkins
Mother, Writer, Midwife


What's On this site...

Separate pages with information about pregnancy, labour and birth, babies and breastfeeding.

Links to popular websites, government resources, and other other organizations, listed by topic

A page dedicated to posts with new research.

A page about midwifery.

specific to residents of B.C.